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The Pros and Cons of Using Menopause Supplements

After dealing with the incessant menstrual cramps and gulping down innumerable pain relieving drugs, the stage of menopause might come as a relief for most of the women. However, that is not the case; menopause comes with its own baggage of discomforts and unforeseen feelings. You might initially not recognize the overwhelming symptoms and may discard them as something caused by “old age”. As your menstruation cycle ceases and you move from fertile times to infertility, you might feel disoriented and extremely weak in the start.

Things you might experience

When you are about to hit menopause you will find it hard to get a hold on your moods, hot flashes and burning sensations will become frequent occurrences, you might go into depression, lose sleep, face irregular cycles and flow and may experience dizziness. Your lifestyle will face a major change. This all can become quite overwhelming, but luckily for you, there is a treatment available for all these symptoms.

These treatments include natural cure procedures to clinical hormone replacement surgery. Hormone replacement surgery is targeted at artificially enhancing the estrogen reduction process in the body and hence easing the process menopause. Once the levels are under control, the symptoms eventually subside and your body shifts back to normal functioning. However, doctors usually don’t recommend this therapy as it has possible side effects including risk for heart diseases, liver damage, blood clotting and developing breast and uterine cancer.

Menopause Supplements

Another of these medical alternatives for curing menopausal symptoms includes the use of menopause supplements. These are one of the most recent inventions in the drug industry and have become a hot topic among discussion between physicians, paramedics and doctors. Moreover, they have also captured the attention of various online drug critics and a number of online menopause supplements reviews are available on the internet for different products such as amberen and estroven. These online menopause supplements reviews play a major role in spreading awareness regarding the side effects of these supplements.

How Menopause Supplements Work?

As evident through menopause supplement reviews, these supplements can be bought from any of the reliable drugstores without a prescription. Basically, they work in the similar way as hormone replacement therapy; they work by reducing the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood and easing the transition from fertility to infertility, but the good point is that they cause fewer or almost no side effects as compared to the therapy. Moreover, some of these medications contain antidepressants, which can help alleviate symptoms of mood swings and distortions.

Are They Really Effective?

You can find out by reading different menopause supplement reviews that these pills are effective for some women. Supplements like Amberen have generated great menopause supplement reviews. Amberen menopause supplement has been found to be very effective in relieving women of their symptoms, such as hot sweats and mood swings; it has even helped some women lose unnecessary weight as well. However, according to some reviews, the user did not feel any difference after taking Amberen. Therefore, it needs to be kept in mind that every drug works differently for different people. Metabolism rates for women differ and therefore, the effectiveness might vary from one user to another.

There are many women who prefer natural ingredients to chemically altered alternatives. Vitamin E, black cohosh, dong quai, ginseng, soy and red clover are particularly effective in curing menopausal symptoms. Amberen too is one of the supplements with natural ingredients containing black cohosh and Chasteberry in sufficient amounts. Research has revealed that black cohosh is effective in dealing with night sweats however, if not used appropriately it can lead to liver damage. Therefore, before going out straight to get a menopause supplement, it is recommended that you do a detailed research on the ingredients and the constituency of the product. Look through the menopause supplement reviews for a better understanding.

Different menopause supplement reviews reveal both pros and cons. These pros and cons largely depend on the kind of ingredients a supplement uses.


They ensure the smooth transition by reducing the hormonal levels appropriately.

In some cases, they help to cure complementary conditions such as weight gain and mood distortions.

Menopause supplements are one of the most affordable alternatives available in the market for curing menopause symptoms. They are much cheaper than different prescribed hormonal medications and hormone replacement therapy.

They are extremely convenient to use. One pill has to be taken on a regular basis and it will provide cures for a wide range of menopausal symptoms.

Other studies have shown that the best supplements such as Amberen, Estroven and menoquil menopause supplement are also effective in strengthening the immune system.

However, before taking any of these supplements, it is recommended that you ensure that you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients present in these drugs.


If you are already on some kind of medication, never start taking these pills without consulting your doctor, it may react badly.

If you have any health condition such as thyroid issues, hypertension or some hormonal disorder, it is suggested that you don’t take these drugs; they might aggravate your condition further.

Seeking relief from menopause symptoms is natural, but you need to consult a doctor before you start taking anything or any supplement for them. Your body might accept or reject certain ingredients present in these supplements, so it is best to take them under supervision.

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