Thursday, 14 August 2014

Joint Pain & The Weather

People come in and they're achy and stiff. Those are the issues that keep them wanting to sit on their couch or not do anything because they hurt too much to move," says Kirk Canada, physical therapist at Hendrick Medical Center.

If Canada's description sounds familiar, you could be encountering some joint inflammation. But could the weather be exacerbating that pain?

 "A lot of the time people think just because it's when it rain that is why they're hurting, or that it's the cold that actually hurts their joints, and it's not. It's just a change in the pressure that causes the joints to hurt," Canada tells us.

He says it's not the temperature, sun or rain that's tampering with your joints, but rather it's what you can't see outside.

"Pressure from the atmosphere pushes in on that joint. When the pressure drops or the barometric pressure drops, the joints will start to push out and that's going to cause some pain in the nerves, and that's why you have more pain when that pressure drops," Canada says.

So what can you do? For starters, pay attention to your local forecast. Here on KRBC we tell you exactly what the pressure in the atmosphere is going to do.

And there's your part in staying healthy, "Keep moving, stay active, let your muscles get some movement. Help the nutrition get to the joints, stay flexible and keep active," says Canada.

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