Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Common Injuries Experienced During Sports

Most people engage in sports for fun, leisure and as a career. During sports, injuries are bound to happen to anyone irrespective of the level of training, but most sportsmen are trained on how to avert most of them. With proper training and instructions, the risks of common sports injuries are significantly reduced. Although engaging in sports is one of the natural and best ways to exercise your body, sports are accompanied by many chances of injury. Sports can be played out in the field, indoors or around your homestead either as an official team or just for fun and leisure. Most people avoid intense sporting for the fear of various injuries that ranges from minor to serious injuries which may even require surgical intervention. There are various factors that contribute to injuries during sports that include poor training and conditioning before the game, not stretching and warming up before the game.

Strains and sprains
In almost all physical sports, these are the most spoken and common sports injuries. These types of injuries are almost inevitable among sportsmen. They are closely associated with overstretching or tearing of muscles and ligaments connecting the muscles. A sprain injury occurs when the ligaments connecting bones wears or tears off while a strain occurs when the fibers within the muscles tears or overstretches. Most trainers push their players to the end so that they may realize perfect results and often forget about the dangers of going over bond during training or game sessions. The player is forced to work under conditions that overworks his or her body hence increasing the chances of straining and spraining their muscles. These injuries may be minor or severe thus they require proper medical attention for complete treatment.

Knee injuries
There are different forms of knee injuries that range from minor to severe. Injuries in the knees usually occur as result of damage in the ligaments, cartilage or even bruising. Knee injuries are bound to occur to people who significantly engage in sports that require intensified use of their legs and significant body movement. Some of the injuries during a game may be accidental but others maybe intentional if one team plays a rough and reckless game towards their opponent to gain a physical advantage. Therefore, trainers or coaches should train or instruct their plays to restrict themselves to a fare and safe game to avoid any of the injuries that are commonly associated with sports.

Shin splints
Shin splints are injuries commonly associated with feet or leg injuries especially an injury along the shin bone. The injury is closely associated with pain along most parts of your legs. The injuries are greatly contributed by poor training, failing to stretch or warm up, having flat feet or running in shoes that lack proper support. These types of injuries are common among runners especially if they run on hard surfaces. Therefore, trainers should ensure their trainees are properly warmed up and in the right attire before engaging in any sport to prevent the risk of most common sports injuries.

Fractures are one of the most severe injuries that occur when the player suffers from broken bone during the game. These injuries only begin with one-time bone injury causing the bone to develop minor cracks but with time as a result of continued stress and strain on the crack eventually the bone develops severe fractures that may even require surgical intervention. Fractures are most common among sportsmen who engage in activities such as jumping or running. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to minor cracks that results in minor pain along your feet and seek proper medical attention before it can develop into a severe fracture.

Dislocations are common injuries on the joints. This happens when the joint bones are pushed out of their place and this may even cause damages to the ligaments and cartilage. According to doctors and sports specialists, dislocations are termed as emergency injuries that require intensified medical attention or even surgical intervention. Among the most commonly dislocated joints include hands and fingers, knees, shoulders, hips and elbows. Dislocations are common among most sportsmen especially those who incorporate intensive body movements during play time.

Hip flexor strain
Hip flexor is a group of muscles around your hip that coordinates and assists your knee and leg movements. When these muscles are torn or over stretched, most likely it results in an injury. Sportsmen who engage in activities that require sudden changes in direction or upward movements are at higher risks of contracting these injuries. There are various factors that contribute to the occurrence of hip flexor strain and they include having stiff muscles, having weak muscles, forgetting to warm up or from a fall.

It is your responsibility to take care of yourself during play time. On the other hand, it is also coaches or trainers responsibility to ensure the safety of his or her players. Players are prone to various injuries depending on the type of game they play. There are various factors that contribute to injuries commonly associated with sports ranging from accidents and players body structure and strength.

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